The story of Noah presents the flood as God’s spring clean of a world spoiled by people’s unkindness.

God was feeling sad. Everywhere he looked people were spoiling his world by arguing  and fighting. No one loved God anymore 😢 💔 except for one man, Noah. He was a kind man who always listened to God and tried to please him.
“Noah” said God one day, “My world looks very dirty. It needs a good spring clean. I am going to send a BIG flood to wash all the unkindness away”.
“Oh dear” said Noah, “I am going to get very wet”.
God smiled, ” Don’t worry Noah, you are a good man. I will keep you dry. You must build a big boat called an ark. Give it a door and a roof to keep out the rain”.
So Noah built the ark. (Shall we help him? Mime  hammering the wood🔨 )
“Now” said God “Fetch animals and birds of every kind and take them to the boat”. (Shall we help him?)
“All aboard” said Noah. Noah and his family got on the boat and shut the door.
Soon the blue sky turned grey and it became very dark. It began to rain and rain and rain.
The water rose higher and lifted the boat up. It floated! Noah and his family stayed safe inside the ark for forty days and nights. Until one day the rain stopped. The water went down and the ark landed on a mountainside.
“Now” said Noah “Let’s send a dove to see if there is anything green”.
The dove came back with a twig.
So Noah opened the door and saw a rainbow in the sky.
“Noah” said God “My rainbow is to say that never again will everything be washed away. I promise”.

Here are some ideas for your child based on the story:

Cut out some big raindrop shapes and decorate with rainbow colours and glitter.

Make some animal shaped biscuits.

Sing the song ” I hear thunder”
I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
Hark don’t you, hark don’t you?
Pitter patter raindrops, pitter patter raindrops,
I’m wet through, so are you.

Dress teddy in some boots, an anorak, a rainhat and give him an umbrella.

Pretend putting on boots, a raincoat, a hat and putting up an umbrella.

Pretend to go for a walk and jump over puddles.

Go outside and help to wash the garden furniture so that it is sparkling clean.

Dear God,
Thank you for all the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Whenever we see a rainbow help us to remember that you keep your promises and are always taking care of us.