“I can pray a rainbow…” Genesis 9 v 13

God placed a rainbow in the sky as a symbol of his promise never again to send a flood like the one Noah survived in the ark. Today, the rainbow is a symbol of hope for us all.

Here are two rainbow inspired activities for you and your family to explore together.


Go on a search round your house and try to find something of each of the colours below.
Here is a prayer you can say for each colour as you find them.

RED  ❤️ Thank you God that you love us and are always with us.

ORANGE (amber traffic light picture ) Dear God please help us to be patient, to  listen to you as we wait for this crisis to end.

YELLOW (sad face emoji) Dear God, please help all those who are scared. May they know your perfect peace that takes away fear.

GREEN (first aid sign) Dear God please look after all those who are sick, give them the treatment and help they need.

BLUE (NHS sign) Dear God please protect all those who are working for the NHS, thank you for all they are doing to protect us.

PURPLE ( purple crown symbol) Thank you God that we are children of the King of Kings. Thank you that even though we are in difficult times we can trust in you.


Use washable coloured markers to colour a rainbow pattern on the back of a big leaf. Keep changing colours. Now you are ready to print. Grab some paper and a damp paper towel. Wipe across your paper with the paper towel so that it is just damp, not soggy. Turn the coloured part of the leaf on to the paper and press down gently. Press all over and then carefully remove the leaf. Try a fresh leaf and a different rainbow pattern – spirals, stripes, classic rainbow arches. They all turn out differently but they are all bright and beautiful.