Lancashire West Circuit

Circuit Churches

These are the churches in our circuit and the principle minister associated with them.

Revd Michael C. Tindsley (Superintendent Minister)
Tel. 01704 620053   E-mail:

 Burscough Methodist Church
   Orrell Lane, Burscough
   Holmeswood Road, Holmeswood

Revd Stephen R. Foster
Tel. 01772 600213   E-mail:

 Holmes Methodist Church
   Park Lane, Holmes
 Tarleton Methodist Church
   Church Road, Tarleton
 Mawdesley Methodist Church
   Four Lane Ends, Mawdesley

Revd Sue Guenault
Tel. 07468 518260   E-mail:

 Emmanuel Methodist/United Reformed Church
   Derby Street, Ormskirk
 Croston Methodist Church
   Westhead Road, Croston

Skelmersdale Churches
Tel. 01695 550903   E-mail:

 Trinity Methodist/URC Church
   High Street, Skelmersdale
 Upholland Methodist Church
   Alma Hill, Upholland, Skelmersdale

Revd Richard W. Preston
Tel. Tel. 01695 725014   E-mail:

 Church at the Centre (Methodist/Baptist/Urc/Anglican)
   The Ecumenical Centre, Northway, Skelmersdale